Broadband Services Inc

Underground Cable and Fiber

BSI will coordinate projects involving excavation. Whether you are a public utility installing broadband lines alongside POTS(Plain'ol Telephone) or a company needing PBX integration, we will select the required materials and personnel.

BSI places cables and conduits in rock, dirt, cobble or sand by way of directional bore, missile bore, down-hole motor, open trench, cable plow and hand dig techniques. BSI places cables and conduits safely and to the customer specification and by following industry tested and proven standards and installation techniques. BSI has placed thousands of miles of cables and conduits. We complete river bores, street and highway bores, dig splice pits, remove and replace concrete, set transformers, set manholes, set hand holes, set pedestals and power supplies. We utilize vacuum machine technologies for pot holing, and perform our own locates when digging on private property. We place all sizes of conduits, and prefer to install fiber in conduits by jetting and cable blowing methods.



Fiber has become the medium of choice for all the www hubs. First implemented in the 1980's to simultaneously transmit hundreds of long distance calls along a line with crystal clear reception, it is winning the same reception with internet hubs.

Remember also the years experience that BSI has in T1 and T3 Communications as well as fiber.

BSI will do the planning for each phase of your project, from contractors to city zoning matters.

So you don't have to labor yourself with footwork and phone calls in lining up experienced personnel, let BSI do the planning. We have a pool of experienced contractors and laborers that we select for your project.


BSI is knowledgable not only in personnel needed for your particular job, but will help facilitate any permits necessary to do the job.


Safety and Quality meetings with state and local departments happen regularly.