Broadband Services Inc

Networking for Renewable Energy Sources

BSI installs wind farm underground electrical collection grid, tower wiring, SCADA network fiber, FAA lighting, substations, interconnect switchyards, T-lines, overhead collection, foundation conduits and grounding. We install solar collection cables, inverters, solar cells and harnesses. We trench 34.5kV cables, fiber and neutral utilizing Rivard and Vermeer trenchers, and utilize the one-pass trenching technique when possible, and forward the savings to the client through competitive pricing.

BSI provides engineering services through a respected and established third party associate. BSI provides cables, switches, capacitor banks, transformers, junction boxes and all other materials needed to complete the grid, tower wiring, FAA lighting, grounding and SCADA network through a respected and established third party vendor associate.

New to the renewable industry in 2009, BSI completed two wind farm collection grid trenching projects, installing 500 MW of capacity in Texas by trenching over 350,000’ and placing over 1,750,000’ of cables.

Nothing can match the importance of clean energy technology in this day of impending climate change and dependence on oil.

The role of networking in the collection of wind farm data is paramount to maximizing the benefit of clean electricity. BSI plays an important role in this process.

Clean Energy Technology is both grid collection and data.

Clean Energy Technology is enhanced not only by the generation of clean electricity, but by the 24/7 monitoring of all crucial systems. Clean electricity would not be much if it were not for the complete collection and analysis of realtime information. BSI plays an important role in helping to implement this process.

Renewable Electicity