Broadband Services Inc

Proving,Performance, and Safety.

This is a BSI technical group that is responsible for the testing and certification of all new and upgraded telecommunications systems, or testing systems in advance of upgrades to determine the best practices and levels of technical performance to be achieved in the upgrade. BSI utilizes Wavetek Stealth technologies for sweep testing (fine tuning) networks to customer specifications. BSI utilizes multi user transceivers, analyzers, and leakage detection technologies as part of our network sweep and certification program.

Safety on the job.

Broadband Specialists Inc was awarded the Amerisure Insurance Company “2008 Best in Class”. Our Safety Director is experienced as an EMT, Paramedic and Fireman. We conduct tailgate meetings on the job-site as well as “stretch and bends” and continual training. Ensuring that our employees make it home every night to their family safe is our #1 priority.

BSI Safety Creed.

As representatives of Broadband Specialists Safety Culture, we are passionately dedicated to the safety and well-being of all our fellow employees, families, friends and general public; on and off the job. We devote our efforts to placing safety above all else and continually work to advance safety awareness cultivating safe habits and standard operating procedures. We are safety leaders in this industry by example and leave no employee out or leave no idea unexplored. Daily, we work diligently with safety as our greatest common goal.

We work with OSHA and other organizations to ensure a quality workplace.

Meetings are held frequently to refresh workers in proper procedures and heavy lifting.

Safety demonstrations