Broadband Services Inc

Storm and Hurricane Recovery Efforts.

After Hurricanes Rita and Ike, BSI was onsite performing storm assessment for clients before the wind calmed. Initially, while repair crews are obtaining FEMA and State permits for entry into affected zones and deploying to the area, we deploy assessment teams and report damaged plant at the daily “plan of the day” (POD) meetings. Maps are red lined and work orders for repairs are created.

All repair sites are monitored daily, as well as coordination with electric crews and officials. As soon as the poles are set, electric service is restored clearing access to the lines, BSI crews move in without delay and through coordinated efforts restore the plant to new condition expeditiously.

This effort requires BSI to deploy over 100 linemen and technicians within 48-72 hours of the storm. To facilitate this huge effort, BSI logistics teams procure motel rooms in advance of crew arrivals, and work with motel management to power them by generator. We set up temporary warehousing in the parking area utilizing large military style tents. We deploy generator powered, self contained and fully equipped mobile offices and RV’s to the operations site.

BSI safety personnel are in the field with crews constantly. 100% quality control is performed on all work completed. As-built maps are created for each day’s completions and submitted at the following day’s POD meeting. BSI has successfully utilized these same procedures many times on a much smaller scale in response to ice storms and tornados in TX, OK, KS, AR and LA.

Other Services we provide include:

Crews from BSI and local authorities and Utilities work side by side after a major storm.

Safety demonstrations