Broadband Services Inc

All about BSI

Broadband Specialists, Inc. (BSI) is qualified as a Minority Owned Business by the Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Business Development Council of North Texas. A privately held company, both owners of BSI are of minority status, with one woman / Asian American owner and one Native American owner. Both owners are full time employees and active in the day to day operations of the business. Between the two, they have over 50 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry.

This important certification is in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement between the Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Business Development Council and the Texas Building and Procurement Commission and allows State agencies and Institutions of higher education to be credited for utilizing Broadband Specialists, Inc. as a Historically Underutilized Business for State sponsored projects. BSI qualifies under the SBA definition of a Small Business Enterprise.

Thorough attention given to details and preparation for each job.



BSI employees are active in the community. Our employees sit on Boards of Directors, coach youth sports, volunteer in the community and give back.

BSI employees are also innovators. From helping TCI develop unity gain and bi-directional technologies 20-years ago, to being recognized as business administration innovators such as our Vice President Ramona Locke as shown receiving an award below; community involvement and technical innovations are a major source of satisfaction and personal fulfillment for many BSI employees.

Logistics and Timing

Utilizing our transport trucks, BSI delivers trucks and machines to the jobsite in a timely manner. We understand the for our clients time is money, and decreased time to market if profit. We base our fleet out of our 14-bay fleet maintenance facility in Dallas County Texas. All equipment is meticulously maintained so we can provide a timely deployment to every project site.

Anything pertaining to Broadband Communications !

You name it .. from restoring communications after a storm, to a new office park.

BSI will plan your project out in the onset with the proper contractors, skills, and Evaluation(PERT).

Reliablity in Broadband Communications

Reliability is paramount in digital communications .. Let BSI be your one stop source !